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Pontiac Tree Service Pros has an extraordinary group of ensured arborists who are focused on giving amazing tree services.


We are a local company and we understand all the aspects of tree care and maintenance.

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Our involvement in this industry has made it possible for us to have the capacity to give the most highest quality of tree services, at affordable rates. On the off chance that you have trees in your compound, it is just sensible to have a expert accord them proper care and this is the thing that we offer you.

Pontiac Tree Service Pros have been in the business for few decades and one thing that has stayed to be consistent is the delivery of astounding service to our customers. Our service will make sure that all tree removal, pruning or even stump grinding is done in the most ideal way, without settling on your safety, or that of your property. Talk with us today and we will be glad to give you a free estimate for any services that you pick.

You can’t trust everybody that comes your way professing to be a tree specialist provider. For the most people, this has turned into their method for ripping off unsuspecting property owners. When you look through the web, there are several tree service companies in the area. In any case, some of them just have a saw and a little truck and believe themselves to be professional tree companies.

For our situation, we are accredited company and have qualified arborists. This implies they have the learning and comprehension of trees and will most likely give you the best services.

You can rest assured that when you allow us the chance to serve you, we will almost certainly apply every one of our skills and expertise to guarantee that you get full satisfaction. We have advanced our skills and furthermore put resources into  modern equipment, which is the motivation behind why we are rated as the best tree service company in the region. You can completely depend on our expertise, safety as well as professionalism.

What We Offer

Tree Service is the main tree service company, in Pontiac, Michigan. We have such a large number of different services that we offer and we will be happy to deal with your trees to upgrade their beauty and health. Here are a portion of the services that you can anticipate from us:

  • Tree shaping
  • Tree health consultations
  • Hedge trimming
  • Dangerous tree removal
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree pruning
  • Storm clean-up

We offer tree services in Pontiac, Michigan area  and its environs. We spread natural/lawn assessments, tree trimming, tree removal and stump removal in addition to other things. As tree service experts, we have an extensive rundown of clients who can vouch for the work that we have done before.

Locally Operated Tree Service Company

We offer both commercial and residential tree service and what makes it simpler is the reality we are a local company working in this community. You can trust us to deliver personalized services for your trees. Whichever service that you choose, we assure you of the utmost professionalism, without a compromise on your safety.

We are completely insured, bonded and licensed, and we are happy to offer a wide cluster of services to our clients. We have a firm pledge to your satisfaction and we will listen to your needs so that we can offer the right service with a personal touch. Talk to any of our knowledgeable customer service experts to learn more about our services.

Tree Trimming

If your branches are touching your home or are excessively close, your home insurance can be voided. This is on the grounds that the branches represent a threat to your home. If there is a storm, they can without much of a stretch fall on your rooftop or through your windows causing damage. In this way, you have to stop it from developing in any way and get tree trimming services. On the off chance that the branches are near electrical cables or hindering the light from entering your home, you need these services.

For other people, aesthetic is imperative. You need your tree formed and shaped to look perfect and add appeal to your lawn. On the off chance that you have natural fruit trees, you may likewise require trimming services to boost productivity.

Tree Trimming Process

Tree cutting is a vital tree service. We don’t encourage you to take up cutting individually. It might seem simple but if it can easily lead to injuries if it isn’t done properly. The reason you need us is that our team is trained and certified. We realize which tool to use at which time, how to work machinery and how to remove the branches without causing harm or damage.

The procedure is simple:

  • Assessment of the tree and its environs
  • Deciding the best strategy, offering advice and listening  to your inclinations and directions
  • Giving a obligation-free statement
  • Landing nearby after you hire us
  • Division of work among team to empower a consistent and safe process
  • Trimming, cutting the branches to a smaller size and clean up

After the procedure is finished, we clear your premises and leave you to make the most of your new-look yard.

Tree Removal

Another tree service is tree removal. For certain individuals, removing a tree is out of preference since they need to switch up the landscape. Be that as it may, a few circumstances completely require tree removal. For instance, if a tree is debilitated and inclining towards your home, a parking garage, electrical cables or the fence, it should be removed in light of the potential damage it can cause. In the event that a tree is sick beyond recovery, old or negatively affecting other plant matter in your lawn, it also needs to go.

Our tree removal process is fundamentally the same as tree trimming. However, for tree removal, we start with the branches. We remove, cut and feed them into the tree shredder until we just have the trunk left. The latter is then cut piece by piece along these lines while the wood is stacked. Depending upon your inclination, we comprehend where we have to quit cutting so all that is left is the stump.

Why Choose Us

You might be wondering why you should choose Vital Tree Services for the job. This is simple. We are:

Experienced Professionals

Each member prepared and tried before being permitted to give any tree service. This is fundamental since we like to keep up a specific standard with regards to tree trimming, removal, and stump grinding. We also have professional arborists to ensure that the process is carried out well from the get-go.

Prioritize Safety

Safety is our priority. The thorough training ensure that each part realizes how to legitimately operate machinery. Regardless of whether we are utilizing a crane or a tree shredder, we have to realize that our members can work them securely and effectively. With such equipment, we can’t bear to let our guard down.

Also, we realize that it is anything but difficult to get harmed, harm your property and weight you with the monetary duty if the procedure isn’t led securely. To include onto the preparation, security measures and hardware, for example, hard caps and gloves, we have protection to cover any wounds or potentially harms.

Mindful of Time

When you call us for any tree service, we quick to react and go to your premises. We comprehend that many tree service companies in the area take their sweet time after you call. Our group is aware of your time whether it is a emergency. We perceive that time is valuable and therefore react right away. Indeed, even after you procure us, we will turn out at the earliest opportunity to take care of business.

Well Equipped

Whether you require a simple or complex tree service, we have you covered. Our extensive training and experience are complemented by our variety of equipment. We have more than just a ladder and chainsaw. We have cranes, ropes, wood chippers, and other tools that are best suited for the job. We pride ourselves in being able to handle any problem because we are well equipped.

Contact Us

We usually provide a free quote for any tree service that you are thinking of. Contact us today so we can come to your premises and assess the situation. We will give you an obligation-free quote and give you time to decide whether you are going to use our services. In the case of tree emergencies, you can also give us a call and have us rectify the situation before it gets worse. Whatever the case, we’re here for you; choose us today.